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9% of people THIS should be an Olympic sport…
9% of people THIS should be an Olympic sport…


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Gadget Guru Sarah

If you have a Kindle make sure you listen for our ‘Gadget Guru’ Sarah to tell us about a possible “hack” that could happen when you download! We will also have another chance at $1000 with the Keyword to Cash!

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Check out Barbara Streisand with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show

We love this!  Barbara Streisand looks amazing and Jimmy Fallon once again shows off his musical talents.


Our Medical Expert Dr. Salvatore Talks Flu Vaccine

Should you get the flu shot for your kids?  Our Medical expert Dr. Salvatore thinks it is important for you…


Patrick Duffy Talks About Being Bobby Ewing on Dallas 8/29/14

We caught up with Patrick Duffy who has been part of some of televisions most successful programs ever.