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kid candy

Tuesday, January 13, 201501/13/2015

Does sugar make my kids hyper?

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I found this information and thought it you’d like to read it, too!


Monday, January 12, 201501/12/2015

What People Are Talking About 1/12/14

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I know it happened on Saturday, but what a Patriot’s game! The team somehow found a way to come back…


Friday, January 9, 201501/09/2015

What People Are Talking About 1/9/15

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Wrapping up the first full week of 2015, hope it went well for you!  Kind of a crazy day today…


Thursday, January 8, 201501/08/2015

What People Are Talking About 1/8/15

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Cold enough for you? How many times have you heard that lately? I had a good laugh with the ‘It’s…


Thursday, January 8, 201501/08/2015

I never let the dogs on our bed but apparently they don’t listen

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You can’t tell an old dog she’s fat!

ice cubes

Wednesday, January 7, 201501/07/2015

It’s So Cold… Insert Joke Here

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Here we are in the dead of winter once again and I think it’s about time for some good it’s…


Wednesday, January 7, 201501/07/2015

Check this out! The bird feeds the dog :)

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Not sure I’d let the feathered friend on the kitchen counter, but this is pretty cute!

frigid cold temp

Wednesday, January 7, 201501/07/2015

NH Dept of Safety Cold Temp Warnings

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Below is a list of precautions you can take during extremely cold weather


Tuesday, January 6, 201501/06/2015

What People Are Talking About 1/6/15

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Wow! What a day, we shared the story of the gentleman who spent $460-bucks to have his ‘pet goldfish’ taken…

smart belt

Monday, January 5, 201501/05/2015

What People Are Talking About 1/5/15

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It may be a new year, but odd stuff continues to happen, and I’m here to share with you!  First…

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cell phone in car

Wednesday morning we have more 4-packs of tickets to Canobie Lake Park, listen for the secret celebrity! Plus, New Hampshire goes hands free we test your Bluetooth device on-the-air!

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Gronk and Big Papi Summer Sippin’ [VIDEO]

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The Senior class went out with a bang!


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This parrot is tearing up the good ole’ internet, it sounds just like a baby crying.

57th Annual GRAMMY Awards held at the Staples Center - Red Carpet Arrivals

Featuring: Melissa Rivers, Cooper Endicott
Where: Los Angeles, California, United States
When: 08 Feb 2015
Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/

Melissa Rivers [INTERVIEW]

Melissa Rivers joined us on New Hampshire in the Morning to talk about her new book, “The Book of Joan”.…


Gadget Guru Talks Apple Watch

Every company want’s what Apple has, every time they come out with something new, we all jump to buy it!…