New Hampshire in the Morning

New Hampshire in the Morning

New Hampshire in the Morning


Monday, June 17, 201306/17/2013

Surprisingly men do this 29 seconds faster than women…

Change a diaper.


Friday, June 14, 201306/14/2013

Screen Queen Reviews 6.14.13

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The Screen Queen reviews The Intership and This Is The End.


Thursday, June 13, 201306/13/2013

JEFF PROBST – Long time host of “Survivor” for 13 years on CBS.

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Long time host of “Survivor” for 13 years on CBS.

car picture

Wednesday, June 5, 201306/05/2013

57% of guys keep a picture of this close to them at all times.

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Their car.


Wednesday, June 5, 201306/05/2013

Cody The Screaming Dog

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We got a kick out of Cody The Screaming Dog this morning. Check it out for yourself.


Wednesday, May 29, 201305/29/2013

28% of people can’t name one of these…

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The Neighbors!


Tuesday, May 14, 201305/14/2013

Most couples say their first big decision after they got married was about this.

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Who does the laundry?


Monday, May 13, 201305/13/2013

NH State Police Captain John Lelacheur

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This follows Suzanne’s story of finding a wicker rocking chair on I-93 and keeping it. Then we called her husband…


Thursday, May 9, 201305/09/2013

Eva Longoria

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Eva Longoria producer of Ready for Love chats with Mike and Tracy about the new dating show!

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