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Monday, March 28, 201103/28/2011

Cranky Yankees. They’re everywhere

M – So Monday morning comes, it’s 25 degrees and no one is talking about our beoved Red Sox, whose…

Tuesday, March 22, 201103/22/2011

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but…

M – I was actually happy to see snow this morning. The winter has been quite cruel to my lawn…

Tuesday, March 8, 201103/08/2011

I am now a ‘regular’ guy

M – No, the headline is not a veiled reference to my body rhythms. It’s all about the gas. Gas…

Tuesday, January 18, 201101/18/2011

MEDICINE: Dr. Stephanie Wolf-Rosenblum

In FYI Monday

Dr. Stephanie Wolf-Rosenblum, from Medical Affairs at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, takes questions about medical issues.

Tuesday, January 18, 201101/18/2011

FOOD: Chef Nicole

In FYI Monday

Chef Nicole from T-Bones and Cactus Jack Restaurants answers your cooking questions and offers menu ideas.

Tuesday, January 18, 201101/18/2011

PETS: Dr. Winnie Krogman

In FYI Monday

Dr. Winnie Krogman, a Veterinarian at Northside Animal Hospital, answers pet care questions from dogs and cats to more exotic types like snakes and ferrets.

Tuesday, January 18, 201101/18/2011

NUTRITION: Marilyn Mills

In FYI Monday

Marilyn Mills, a Clinical Dietician with the Elliot Health System’s Center for Advance Nutrition Therapy, answers questions on nutrition and healthy eating.

Tuesday, January 18, 201101/18/2011

FITNESS: Mary Wiseman

In FYI Monday

Mary Wiseman, our fitness guru from Fitwise Personal Training, takes calls from listeners looking for help with workout questions.

Tuesday, January 18, 201101/18/2011

BEHAVIOR: Dr. Christine Cochrane

In FYI Monday

Dr. Christine Cochrane from the Catholic Medical Center sees patients at Webster Street Internal Medicine and fields questions in the areas of behavior and relationship issues.


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Singer, actor and now fiction author of “Magnificent Vibration.”


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