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New Hampshire in the Morning

New Hampshire in the Morning

ice cubes

Wednesday, January 7, 201501/07/2015

It’s So Cold… Insert Joke Here

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Here we are in the dead of winter once again and I think it’s about time for some good it’s…


Wednesday, January 7, 201501/07/2015

Check this out! The bird feeds the dog :)

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Not sure I’d let the feathered friend on the kitchen counter, but this is pretty cute!

frigid cold temp

Wednesday, January 7, 201501/07/2015

NH Dept of Safety Cold Temp Warnings

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Below is a list of precautions you can take during extremely cold weather


Tuesday, January 6, 201501/06/2015

What People Are Talking About 1/6/15

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Wow! What a day, we shared the story of the gentleman who spent $460-bucks to have his ‘pet goldfish’ taken…

smart belt

Monday, January 5, 201501/05/2015

What People Are Talking About 1/5/15

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It may be a new year, but odd stuff continues to happen, and I’m here to share with you!  First…

cell phone in car

Monday, January 5, 201501/05/2015

Apps we talked about this morning:

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What we talked about Monday morning


Monday, January 5, 201501/05/2015

Why you gotta be so rude?

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Why can’t you move down one seat?


Wednesday, December 31, 201412/31/2014

Cocktail Calories

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If you are planning on going on a diet for New Year’s, you may want to educate yourself on how many calories are in common adult beverages!


Tuesday, December 30, 201412/30/2014

New Hampshire In The Morning Nose Typing

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So a man in India set a world record typing with his nose, not to be outdone, we thought we…


Tuesday, December 30, 201412/30/2014

Man Sets Record For Typing With His Nose [VIDEO]

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I don’t know about you but when it comes to typing about every fifth word I have to hit the…

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Neal loves Uptown Funk and we have proof!

We had no idea Neal had so much rhythm!